Although you are living in one of the bubbliest cities in the Netherlands, Rotterdam is not the only cool place to get to know. Take advantage of your time here and visit some truly mesmerizing places that are tourist attractions for a damn good reason!

The Hague

First, you should take a look at our neighbor Den Haag and check out the Scheveningen beach. Not so far away, you can also visit one of the nicest student towns, Leiden and go for a cultural trip to Delft, the city of the “Dutch blue” porcelain. But don’t forget about Utrecht, one of the oldest cities in the Netherlands, with its charming canals, beautiful clock tower (“dom tower”) and awesome riverside cafes.


So close, but a world apart! Gouda, the cheese city, is a wonderful example of the golden age in the Netherlands. You will find charming streets, delicious little restaurants, a magnificent central square, Dutch architecture, exquisite churches, and plenty of cheese pride. Just 15 minutes away from Rotterdam central will transport you centuries back!



Get your tourist mode on and go visit the capital of the Netherlands! Check out the Albert Cuypt market, stroll around in “de pijp” area, and make sure you walk around the charming Jordaan neighborhood to get that artistic Amsterdam vibe.

Zaanse Schans

It is as beautiful as it is difficult to pronounce. The Zaanse Schans (pronounced Zan-ze sh-cha-nz) is an open air windmills park that takes you back to the good old days. You will be able to visit the mills, see some cows grazing, breathe fresh country air and see how life used to be way back in the good old days. You can reach it by a 25 minutes bus ride that stops there or a 15 minute train from Amsterdam (to station Koog-Zaandijk).


If you are a child at heart (and  lets face it we all are), you will enjoy the Dutch version of Disneyland, but much more magical and less commercial. The Efteling is a bus ride away from Tilburg train station. Dive into all the bedtime stories you were told as a youngster, but also get freaked out in one of the coolest theme parks you will ever visit.



Other places to visit that are a bit further away are Maastricht, Giethoorn and the whole area of Zeeland. There are many other beautiful places in the Netherlands that can be a sight for sore eyes. When the weather is nice just remember its a sin to stay in. Go and discover!

The Netherlands is surrounded by plenty of interesting cities that are reachable within around 3 hours all from Rotterdam. A couple of ISR suggestions include:

  1. London – A great place to watch a Shakespeare play at the world famous Globe Theatre, Stroll along the South Bank and the River Thames or hit up trendy locations such as Camden or Shoreditch for fashion and music
  2. Paris – The city of Romance, this could be the place to take your newly acquired love interest and stroll along the Champs Elysees or the River Seine. You could even get that famous leaning picture against the Tour Eiffel.
  3. Antwerp – Visit this charming medieval city that has so much history and presence, famous for its art lovers and diamond dealers.

Reaching these destinations is easy with the help of local airports in Rotterdam and Eindhoven. 

Flixbus and Eurostar both offer convenient travel routes directly from Rotterdam Central.

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