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Weekend International Trips

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_column_text]Want a day or weekend trip to travel around outside the country? While The Netherlands has some amazing places that some of us may not have visited before, it’s always fun to go on spontaneous trips to neighboring or nearby countries to indulge in a different atmosphere. What’s even greater is that because some of the places are considerably near, you can even go during the day and be back home at night! So, what are these day or weekend getaways? Well we here at ISR have 5 student-favorite cities for you:

  • Antwerp, Belgium

It takes approximately an hour by train to reach Antwerp from Rotterdam. That’s right! An hour. Antwerp offers all kinds of attractions from the famous Cathedral of Our Lady to the Antwerp Zoo located next to the Central Station. You can also head on over to the Grote Markt and marvel over the Renaissance ambiance of the square and observe the impressive tower of the Cathedral looming from behind the buildings. So if you haven’t, dedicate a day to visit Antwerp and before you know it you’re back home on the same day with a check on your travel list.

  • Paris, France

The lovely, picturesque City of Light is accessible by train, bus and flight, but most of us take the train or bus. The train can be costly (especially if you buy a ticket near to your travel date), however it only takes around 2.5-4 hours and that is still much faster than the bus. If you take the FlixBus, it should cost you approximately 50 euros for a two-way trip. It seems that each of us have our own agendas for Paris. May it be for the architecture that embody grandeur and opulence, the culinary retreat, the high-end fashion experience or just for the eclectic and lively ambiance that defines the city. Whatever it is, Paris is definitely not to be missed especially when it is within proximity.

[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_column_text]Cologne, Germany

You can reach Cologne by train from Rotterdam and it takes approximately 3 to 4 hours depending on which route or train you take. Once there, visit the Cologne Cathedral that looks stunning at night with lights illuminating its walls. You can also visit the museums as well as the famous Christmas market there at the end of the year. The city is also beautiful with its gothic churches and historical structures. So make sure that you make time for this amazing city.

  • Brussels, Belgium

Brussels hosts one of the three European Parliament centers. Furthermore, this magnificent city is also where you can find the Atomium. In the heart of Brussels, you can find the Grand Place or Grote Markt and this square is nothing short of magnificent. The Town Hall forms a part of the perimeter of the square which is lined with other buildings that are remarkable on their own. You will spot Belgian chocolatiers in almost every corner from Godiva to Pierre Marcolini. So with amazing architecture, chocolates and of course beer and waffles, Brussels is definitely a must-visit.

  • London, England

A lot of people travel to London in the weekends. You can do this by flight or train. Take a stroll by the Thames River, watch Changing the Guard at Buckingham Palace, see the skyline from the London Eye – this is just a very short list of what you can do in London on your weekend. Did we mention tea and crumpets? For non-EEA students, depending on your nationality, you might need a visa to visit but after all the paperwork, we guarantee that London will be worthwhile.

So there you have it, these are our top 5 student-favorite cities you can visit over the weekend from Rotterdam. Just to give you a small tip, NS International and FlixBus have an app you can download on your phone in case you’re an avid traveler or you want quick and easy seat reservations. So where are you off to next?


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