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The Social Events Committee includes Social Events Managers that work under the Social Events Officer of ISR. 

Who do they include? A strong team with differentiated organisational skills to delegate all the necessary tasks before events. Our team members are structured, organised, confident with an affinity for organising creative events, aimed at bringing people together.

What are their tasks? Finding and negotiating venues, organising needed supplies, and cooperating with the marketing team for promotion of events. Furthermore, planning, drafting and mapping out detailed event agendas as well as handling ticket sales.

The External Relations Committee includes Corporate Events Managers and Partnership Managers that work under the External Relations Officer of ISR and organise corporate and academic workshops, as well as connect with various external organisations and businesses to create value through discounts, collaborations and even sponsorships. 

Who do they include? A confident team of dedicated, motivated and extroverted individuals with professional communication skills, who are open and willing to grow professionally and academically. If you are business-savvy, organised, confident with an affinity for organising and socializing, then this committee is for you.

What are their tasks?

  • Reaching out to various organisations and businesses throughout the year;
  • Networking during organised events and activities;
  • Finding and negotiating venues, and organising needed supplies;
  • Cooperating with the various committees of ISR depending on the situation (e.g. collaborating with the marketing team for the promotion of events). 

The Marketing committee includes different positions working under the Marketing Officer of ISR. Depending on your role, you will have the following responsibilities:

Graphic Designers

  • Creating visual content for social media posts using tools like Canva/Photoshop/InDesign
  • Drive engagement and run campaigns through Instagram Stories
  • Designing offline promotional materials
  • Main responsibility: the ISR Instagram account, therefore updating the Linktree and Uni-Life applications with new links and event details 
Web Specialist
  • Maintenance and updating of the ISR website, including running the event calendar, handling the store and ticket sales
  • In charge of creating a fitting blog strategy and posting blog posts together with Content Writer
  • Preferably experience with WordPress and Elementor
  • Writing captions for social media posts on Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook
  • Responsible for setting up LinkedIn and Facebook events
  • Promoting the association through WhatsApp and promotional emails
  • Brainstorming and writing content for the ISR Blog, including documenting our Social Events and updating the Student Guide
Video Creator
  • Coming up with creative scripts for videos 
  • Producing videos for TikTok (and potentially YouTube)
  • Editing created content and posting it on social media
  • This is a flexible position. Do you enjoy taking pictures of people and events? Then you could become part of this committee as our resident event photographer! 
  • Be present at ISR events to document them in pictures
  • Smaller workload, could either be shared with another position OR could be a flexible committee member when required for events 
All positions have their separate responsibilities, but can be expected to engage in other supporting tasks to ensure team efficiency.

Wo are we looking for?  We are looking for organised, hard-working and creative-minded individuals who are passionate about their work. Having previous experience is definitely a plus, but at the end of the day a strong desire for learning and personal development are the qualities we seek. So, even if you do not have much experience in using tools like Canva or WordPress, do not hesitate to apply to this fun committee! The Marketing Committee is a learning environment with the aim to not only propel ISR further in the minds of students around, but also to provide you with a group of like-minded individuals and the opportunity to grow professionally!

The City Trip Committee includes City Trip Managers that work under the City Trip Officer of ISR in helping ISR organise and coordinate trips to European cities for international students.

Who do they include? Highly motivated and creative individuals who are open and sociable and can match up in the warm environment that ISR provides. They should be able to build up itineraries, effectively manage time and plan ahead.

What are their tasks?

  • Produce optimal and creative itineraries;
  • Book, negotiate and organise for the sake of the trip;
  • Handle ticket sales;
  • Collaborate with the various committees of ISR depending on the situation (e.g. collaborating with the Marketing Committee to promote upcoming trips).

The Human Resources Committee includes HR Representatives under the HR Officer of ISR. 

Who do they include? Individuals equipped with cross-communication and overall good communication skills. Each HR Representative is assigned to one board member and their team of their choosing, functioning in an additional support role. The aim is to make the team efficient and keep morale high, while ensuring good communication and relations across the whole active family.

What are their tasks? Plan meetings and facilitate internal communication among board and team members. Each Representative is assigned to one ISR department, so the tasks will vary depending on the nature of the department.

The IBF Committee is an organisational team under the IBF Officer of ISR and organises the flagship event of ISR: the International Business Fair.

Who do they include? This diverse team includes individuals with strong communication and leadership skills, performing a wide variety of tasks to challenge themselves, gain professional experience, network with industry-leading firms, and make IBF a success. This team will include

  • IBF Coordinator (to be the linking body between the committee and the IBF officer and solve and discuss daily matters);
  • Associations Manager (to secure partnerships within other student organisations);
  • Acquisitions Manager (to maintain contact and negotiate with companies);
  • Logistics (to handle the physical display of the IBF week: orchestrating the schedule, booking rooms, places on campus or around Rotterdam for the events and to be the communicating body between IBF and Marketing committees).

What are their tasks? Together, the IBF Committee organises the event week, problem solving and time management in applicants are therefore highly encouraged. Each member has a specific task assigned to his/her position, which may involve securing partnerships with industry-leading firms and sponsors, contacting speakers, securing locations, negotiating with companies, promotions and more. This is the perfect opportunity to network with professionals in many industries and get a real experience of what organizing such a career event looks like. 

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