ISR comprises of a diverse and multinational family with members from all over the world. Faces of ISR is a series through which we show off and celebrate this diversity while also learning more about our members’ rich cultural backgrounds. This week we take you to Italy with Selene Bruni, from the partnerships committee and Margherita Chiusano, the head of the HR committee here at ISR. We talked to them about food, holidays and much more to get an exclusive look at Italy from their perspectives.

Protiva Iqbal

Marketing Committee

Lights, Colours and Cook Off!


Diwali is one of the most festive of all the festivities in India. The festival of lights signifies the joyous victory of good over evil and the enlightening of the world through within each person, home and family. The opportunities to celebrate Diwali back home differ significantly than in a foreign country. Through this article, look into the lives of 3 Erasmus students and how they celebrate the Festival of Lights in Rotterdam.

Protiva Iqbal

Marketing Committee

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